Why You Should Play Online Video Slots

Why You Should Play Online Video Slots

Video slots are the modern development based on the old slot machine. Unlike traditional slots, video slots are completely digital. This offers several advantages for both the casino and the player. For example, the video slot can be made a lot more extensive and more depth can be brought into play, because there are virtually no restrictions as is the case with an analog, spinning slot machine.

Online video slots much better than traditional slots at a land-based casino

The format of a standard slot machine can also be found in video slots: three or more vertical rows of symbols rotate when playing. Spinning the discs is also called a spin. You can win by getting the same symbols in one row.

With every machine you can win with a horizontal row of the same symbols. But usually there are also wins with vertical rows, diagonal rows or some other combinations. Especially with video slots, there are often many different winning options. The winning combinations can usually be viewed on the machine itself.

Due to the many possibilities with video slots, there are often many different video slots available that differ in complexity and height of the jackpot. In online casinos there are plenty of video slots available with different jackpots and varying degrees of complexity.

The chance of winning the jackpot varies per machine and depends on the amount of the jackpot and the amount of money played per spin.

With most video slots it is also possible to bet (extra) on separate rows. If there is a winning combination in this row after spinning, the player usually wins more than with a general bet. With some video slots, there are dozens of options to bet and win.

Because video slots are fully digital, developers have the option to add some depth and use animations. That is why there are many video slots with a theme in which a small story can be followed.

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