What Are RNG Slots Really?

What Are RNG Slots Really?

You can basically say that all slot machines are random number generator (RNG) slots, this is because absolutely all slot machines you find at licensed online casinos have a built-in random generator.

The random number generator online is a requirement for casinos and gaming providers to be considered for fair gaming, where both the player and the casino know that the games are 100% reliable.

To create a pleasant moment at the casino where the eye is visually satisfied, the suppliers go a long way to developing great slot machines.

The fact is, however, that as soon as you click on “spin”, it is already decided in the computer system whether your spin will be a win or not. Everything you see on the screen is extra for you to have a great gaming experience.

The RNG is based on algorithms where the result of each game round is randomised. After each spin, the memory is deleted.

It is precisely thanks to this feature that you can win 10 times in a row, or lose for that matter. As the generator is deleted after each round, the previous results will not affect the outcome of the new game round.

We have found that all sites with correct licenses can be considered an RNG casino, ie safe places online where you can trust the structure of the games. However, a casino RNG is found in more games than just slot machines.

In fact, all games that are built with a computer, which is all except live casino, come with a built-in random number generator.

It is of course of utmost importance that the outcome of the games is completely random and that can not be affected by either players or casinos. Therefore, the games must by law have a random number generator built-in.

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