Top 3 Video Poker Tips You Should Know

Top 3 Video Poker Tips You Should Know

Playing online video poker can be very exciting. There are different ways to play the game, for free or for real money.

But, do you know how to increase your chances of winning at online video poker? Here you will get top 3 simple video poker tips that you should know.

Play with the Highest Bet

By playing with the highest bet, you will get the full value if you are lucky enough to get a royal flush. Usually you win 800 times the money, but if you play with a lower bet, it can instead be 250 times the money or similar.

Of course, you will not get royal flush very often, but it usually takes between 40,000 and 45,000 hands to get it, but you never know when you will get it next. Therefore, you can ensure that you get paid well for it by playing with the highest bet that the casino allows.

Check the Paytable

When you play video poker where you win back your bet with pairs of jacks or higher, you get even more for each full house or suit. Some machines have a payback percentage of 99 percent, while others are at 97.9 percent. By choosing a machine with a higher payback percentage, you will in the long run get more value for money.

Have a Good Strategy

If you play video poker and get spades 4, hearts 4, clubs 6, diamonds 6 and spades 7, what do you do, should you save a pair or both pairs? The answer is that both options can be the right way to go.

Look in the profit table how much a full house is worth, sometimes it can give 3 times the bet, sometimes it gives 4 times the bet. In the latter case, you keep two pairs, while otherwise you are content with one pair.

You should always refer to the paytable when deciding which cards to keep and which not. What is right in some cases may be a worse alternative in other cases.

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