Top 3 Factors that Are Important when Choosing a Slot Machine

Top 3 Factors that Are Important when Choosing a Slot Machine

There are hundreds of slot machines, each developer in their range has an impressive collection of different games.

When choosing a slot machine, players first assess it visually, not all, and do not always look at the technical characteristics. According to experts, the best slot machine is problematic to mention at all because the rating criteria for each of the players are different.

Let us consider the main parameters that objectively distinguish between slots.

1. Number of Drums

Most modern slots have 5 reels, each with three symbols. There are slots with four, six and other reels. But such machines are considered rare. Another common category of slots is 3 reels slot machines.

In terms of the number of drums, they are similar to the mechanical “one-armed bandits” that appeared over a hundred years ago. If simplicity of the game and clear rules are important to you, it is better to choose three-reel slot machines. They rarely have free spins or mini-games, but sometimes there are special symbols. The prize symbols are usually fruits.

2. Symbols

Not all slot symbols have standard features, to form prize combinations after matches within the paid prize line. Some symbols have priority and special features. Three types of special symbols are most often found in slots: Wild and Scatter Bonus.

Wild symbol as it is capable of becoming the basic symbols missing to form a prize sequence. Sometimes the wilderness can be extended to the entire wheel as well as double the winning amount in the combination formed with its participation.

Scatter is a scatter symbol. Its main advantage is the ability to form prize sequences without reference to the prize lines marked on the reels. Usually scatter free spins start, free spins are awarded after at least three scatter symbols appear on the reels.

3. Themes

It all depends on the player’s tastes and interests. The developers offer slots on different themes. For example, fruit, money, jewelry and often slot machines are dedicated to the plot of a popular movie or TV series.

Sometimes players only choose slot machines by topic, this is not entirely true, you also need to take into account the special conditions of the slot machine. Fortunately, different developers can find slot machines with different features devoted to the same theme.

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