Slots Terminology for Beginners

Slots Terminology for Beginners

Slots games are easy to play but they do have a variety of features and specified terminology that some people simply don’t know. Here is a list of the most common slot game terms:

With the Autoplay or Autospin function you can play online slots automatically. You don’t have to click on a button every time to start a new round.

Bet levels
Bet levels are the different levels with which you can increase your bet with a slot game.

Bonus Feature
Bonus features come in many types. The bonus feature is actually a collective name for the various bonus functions of online slots.

This term is used to identify both what you bet with and what you win. Players don’t play with currency they wager with credits and win the same. These credits may be purchased and also cashed in for money. Credits may be purchased in various ways at an online casino and may be converted into money when won.

Free Spins
Free spins or free spins can be distributed as a casino promotion, for example you will receive 10 free game rounds on a certain type of slot. Free spins can also often be activated with slots as an extra bonus feature. For example, you can earn 5 free game rounds by spinning certain similar symbols.

Multiplier Symbol
The Multiplier ensures that the cash prize is multiplied in combination with other symbols. The factor with which your prize is multiplied depends on the game and symbol.

Progressive Jackpot
A progressive jackpot is a grand prize that keeps getting bigger as long as people are active in the slot game. Learn more about the progressive jackpot.

A pay line is the payline on which you can win a cash prize by making a combination of symbols. The number of pay lines is different per slot game.

Random Number Generator
The Random Number Generator is a system that randomly selects the winning numbers. This is the basis for determining for each game round which player wins and who loses.

RTP stands for Return to Player Value, this is the percentage of online slots that are repaid over a large number of game rounds. This is always expressed as a percentage in percent.

Scatter Symbol
The Scatter symbol usually produces the highest amount of money. The Scatter symbol can in many cases also activate other bonus features such as free spins.

Ways to Win
Ways to win stands for the number of paylines of online slots. This number varies per slot but nowadays we see many games with 243 paylines.

Wild Symbol
The Wild symbol stands for any other symbol, usually excluding the bonus symbols.

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