Slots Symbols, RTP, Bonus Rounds, Paylines – How Do They Work?

Slots Symbols, RTP, Bonus Rounds, Paylines – How Do They Work?

Most of the slots in online casinos are similar, especially in terms of the interface on which the game is based and in terms of the features available. A player starting his first game of playing online slot machines usually does not notice the differences between the two.

Experienced players know, however, that is a bad thought, and the details with which games vary are very important, especially when playing for large sums of money.

The most popular slots usually have 3 to 5 reels although there are also 9 or 11 reels that have different symbols. When the same icons on different reels merge into a single line, called the payline, then the user receives a winning sum of money based on the amount of the bet placed and the value of the symbol in the payment table.

All the icons that sit on the reels of gambling machines have a certain value that determines the amount of money won. In case a rare symbol falls, the winning multiplier is higher. Almost all modern online gaming machines also have special symbols. The most common include:

Scatter – or the scatter symbol, when several of them appear on a single line, this provides an extra round with free spins or activates a bonus function.

Wild – Wild symbol, replaces any symbol in the game, except the Scatter icon.

Bonus Symbols – activate additional games that are displayed on the second screen.

Free Spins – Add extra free spins to your balance.

Jackpot – Includes the highest multiplier so you can win large amounts of money with the next bet.

All special symbols have additional properties. Several slot manufacturers often compete to create a game with the best ideas to spice up the standard fun with new symbols and bonuses.

Before we start the adventure of gaming machines, the very important first step is to check the RTP of the game. RTP, or Return to Player, is a factor that determines the profitability of using the game. That way, the player can find out what kind of cash back he can expect after a longer playing time.

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