Slot Bonus Games and How to Get Them

Slot Bonus Games and How to Get Them

In addition to the normal symbols and functions, many slot machines also offer special features such as bonus games. How and when these are activated can vary, but in the following we want to give you a brief summary of how the bonus games work on most machines and how you can get them.

Scatter Symbols

Most games have so-called scatter symbols. These can look different and are different for each slot, you should therefore always go to the “Info” button of the slot before starting the game to see whether the machine has such a symbol and, if so, how it looks.

Usually you need at least 3 scatter symbols to get a bonus game or other extras. It doesn’t matter where on the reels these symbols appear, they don’t have to be right next to each other like all other symbols and run from left to right.

If you have received enough scatter symbols, you will either be credited free spins or you will be redirected to a special screen where you can then play a small bonus game.

Depending on how many scatter symbols you have, the more free spins or bonus games you get. The bonus games can be very different: With some you have to reveal symbols and receive credits for this until you turn a “stop” symbol and the bonus round is over: other bonus rounds will give you spins that have different symbols, the list goes on.

Random Bonus Rounds

With some slots the bonus rounds or special features are started purely randomly and you can neither control this nor predict when the next bonus round will come.

Often the reels spin faster than usual and special symbols appear on the reels during the spins, the more symbols you have, the more credit you get.

Sometimes these symbols on the reels are wild symbols: This means that these symbols can replace any other symbol in the game and thus you get a winning combination on the paylines faster.

As you can see, the bonus rounds are not complicated and you can usually participate in at least one bonus game while playing a slot. But since this is a game of chance and the reels spin purely randomly, this cannot of course be predicted.

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