Rules of Video Poker Game

Rules of Video Poker Game

Online video poker is a successful form of playing that provides an edge to experienced players. Of course, the word poker puts you on the path, and you must know a minimum, at least on the combinations. For those of you who do not know video poker, we make you a catch-up session.

The aim of the game is very interesting in video poker, you will have to use two draws of 5 cards each time, build poker combinations listed in a table of winnings. Matching combinations and winnings will depend on the variants you play.

This game will require some attention and thought on the part of the player not to eliminate cards that could actually be useful.

Poker Combinations
When you play a game of video poker, there is one thing to know, it is obviously the combinations of poker since it is what makes you win.
Here’s a quick reminder:
• Pair
• Double pair
• Kind
• Fifth
• Flush
• Full
• Square
• Straight flush
• Royal flush

These are the combinations you need to know, but rest assured, they will be listed in the paylist anyway.

The Part Itself
Video poker game starts simply with a bet that you will make. It is you who decide while of course remaining within the limits of bets of the game. Then you only have to press the button to start the game.

There will appear 5 cards. You must analyze them and keep the most interesting ones depending on which variant you play. Then you can select the ones you want to keep and you will exchange the others. You can also keep them all or exchange them, as you wish. The second draw happens, there you will have nothing to do, just let the system think a few seconds to know whether or not you have a gain.

Chances of Doubling Your Winnings
Only once the second draw is over will you know if you have made any money. So in this case, if it’s positive, if you have a combination that has brought you, you will immediately be able to play this sum entirely in a game that we all know very well to have practiced at least one times with friends.

The rule of doubling your winning is simple: the system chooses one card out of five, then you have to draw one, except that in this case, it will have to be stronger. If it’s ok, then you win the double and you can replay it again, if not, you lose everything.

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