Play and Win Release the Kraken Slot Machine at Pragmatic Play

Play and Win Release the Kraken Slot Machine at Pragmatic Play

When you play slot games at the online casino you can enjoy many different games. One of the games that you can now find at the online casino is Release the Kraken slot machine. The game is released by Pragmatic Play. It has been on the market since January 28, 2020 and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

If you play Release the Kraken slot machine you will be taken to a big ocean. You dive into the water and end up on the bottom. There is a lot to see and experience at the bottom. You see the background of the game at the bottom of the ocean and there you see a lot of coral in different colours.

Think of the colours orange, purple, blue and green. You can also see many stones, water plants, a large ship and high rocks. The water is clear so you can see everything well.

Are you spinning the 5 reels of the game? Then you will also come across all kinds of symbols that fit well within the theme. You can spin a yellow and green fish, a blue fish, a turtle, a shark and a treasure chest. You will also encounter a sailing boat, a steering wheel and an air bubble. The symbols look nice and make it even more attractive for you as a player to spin the reels!

You can play the Release the Kraken slot machine for great cash prizes. You, as a player, can fully enjoy this. The tension will soon be there if you spin the reels for winnings. To make it into a winning you have to spin combinations on the reels of the game. A combination must always show 3 or more similar symbols. The more symbols these are, the higher the cash prize you will receive.

You must turn each combination from the leftmost reel to the right. This must always be on consecutive reels and on one of the 20 paylines. Can you make a complete combination? Then you can have a cash prize paid out. In the prize table you will find exactly which cash prizes you can achieve. Visit h3bet for more details.

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