Online Bingo for Real Money

Online Bingo for Real Money

Online bingo is the Internet version of the popular game played around the world. Players match the numbers drawn at random with the spaces they have on their cards. Online bingo sites offer a variety of games based on one of the most popular community games in the world.

People around the world have played the game in bingo halls over the years, but players can now play bingo online. Learn how online bingo is played, as well as the rules and any strategies a player can use while playing.

New players may not know the exact steps to start playing. The best sites make registering, filing, and downloading software fast, easy, and intuitive.

Once at the casino, look for online bingo games. These can usually be found in the specialty games section, but can be in their own category. The site offers a choice of games, including European / 90-ball and American / 75-ball bingo. Other options are probably offered, such as 30 and 80 balls.

Online Bingo is played using a card with a 3 × 3 or 5 × 5 grid printed on the front. Each square is filled with a random number between 1 and 75. Each of the five grid columns is placed under the letter BINGO header, creating 25 combinations on each bingo card. To win, a player must:

  • Fill in ALL numbered boxes of the 3 × 3 bingo cards.
  •  Complete a LINE (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) on the 4 × 4 and 5 × 5 bingo cards.

When online bingo balls are displayed, it is equivalent to having the ball shot into a brick and mortar location. As your numbers are drawn, you will see their spaces marked. The casino software does the buffering or blotting for you. You will never miss a drawn number.

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