Hitman Microgaming Slot Machine Has a Classic Design

Hitman Microgaming Slot Machine Has a Classic Design

Hitman is a very nice slot machine. With a little luck you can even win decent amounts. This is a very detailed slot with perhaps the best animation you can find on a slot machine. The different bonus features give you a lot of variation.

With Hitman, Microgaming once again delivers an excellent slot machine that stands out from the competition due to its sinister atmosphere and three different bonus features.

The structure of the slot machine is fairly standard with 15 paylines and five reels. Hitman does have a lot of extra features to keep players entertained for a long time. It includes bonuses, free spins with which you can win a lot of money and no less than three bonus games.

A relatively low jackpot

Agent 47 takes quite a bit of risk with his job. That can be said to a lesser extent about the players of this slot machine. The maximum jackpot is 4,000 coins. In addition, there is much more to win with the bonus features. If everything goes well you can win a total of 270,000 coins. That is certainly a nice price.

More than enough bonus games

You can play this game because of the style, because it is based on Hitman or the bonus games. There are a total of 3 different bonuses feature. The first one is unlocked by spinning three Hitman Insignia symbols. With this bonus you have to choose an insignia and behind it is a random payout. The free spins feature is activated by three 18 Certificate symbols. You will immediately receive 18 free spins and a doubling on everything you win.

Assassination game

Agent 47 is a cold-blooded hit man. It is therefore no wonder that the ultimate bonus game is called the assassination game. If you manage to spin three scatter symbols you get access to this lucrative game. Then you have to make two choices. You choose a target and the weapon with which you want to hit the target. After you press “execute” you will get how much money this murder is worth.

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