Different Types of Slots and Features

Different Types of Slots and Features

Of all the casino games available online, slot machines are the most popular. In this article, we will dive deep into the topic of symbols and features.

Symbols and Features

In addition to the usual symbols that are always included in video slots, there are often some bonus symbols that can be good to have a hold of. We therefore go through the most common bonus symbols that are included in online slot machines, as well as what they mean.

Wild Symbol

This is a symbol that replaces other symbols to complement winning lines. In other words, the wild symbol can be seen as the slot machine’s joker. This means that a wild can help complete a payline that otherwise would not pay dividends.

In concrete terms, the wild symbol thus increases the probability of winning. The appearance and properties of the wild symbol vary from game to game, so read the payout table of the current slot machine for more information.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbos can stay anywhere on the reels and still make a winning. The more symbols that are visible at the same time, the larger the sum. As a rule, the scatter symbol is also linked to a function where three or more symbols trigger a round of free spins . How this scatter looks and works looks different between different games, and you will find more information on the slot machine’s payout table.

Free Spins

Depending on the slot, free spins are activated in slightly different ways. How many spins you get varies between different games, and often depends on whether you get 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on the screen. Winnings during these free spins are often greater than regular winnings thanks to a multiplier that is activated in connection with the free spins being triggered.

Bonus Symbol

These are symbols that are linked to the slot game’s possible bonus games. A certain number of these trigger the bonus game, which is often an entertaining opportunity to bring home nice prizes.

The bonus game often takes place on a separate game board where you are given some type of task to solve. You rarely go without a win from a bonus game, and if you have a good flow, you can win really nice money.

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