Casino News: Bruce Lee Slot Machine

Casino News: Bruce Lee Slot Machine

Bruce Lee is a legend in martial arts. In that respect, WMS, the developer of this game, has obtained an excellent license for a slot machine. As you probably expect, kung fu is central to this slot machine.

It is also noticeable that you can completely determine a number of things yourself as a player. On top of that, the standard symbols in this game have finally been replaced by appropriate images that actually have something to do with the theme. In that respect, WMS is certainly already taking a step in the right direction.

Bruce Lee slot machine has 5 reels. That is of course fairly standard. What makes the game unique is the number of rows on each reel. The first two have only two rows. The other three have the more standard four rows. This reel arrangement is crucial for unlocking the bonus game. Moreover, it is of course nice to see a different layout of the reels.

It is not entirely unique that you can choose your own paylines. Yet it is always a welcome addition to any slot machine. At Bruce Lee, they give players that freedom. There are a maximum of 60 paylines.

Of course, the kung fu master is the central figure in this game. You can also see that in the symbols, where you see Bruce Lee a number of times. The symbols all look beautiful and match the rest of the theme and the overall design of this video slot.

WMS completely earns bonus points because there are no standard symbols in this game. You still see the standard 10, J, Q, K and A in many slot machines far too often. This is not the case with Bruce Lee. Instead you have all kinds of attributes associated with kung fu or more specifically with Bruce Lee.

Think, for example, of a nunchaku, a pitcher, a throwing knife, a vase, a dragon and lucky coins. Bruce Lee comes in several variations, once as the game’s logo, once as a wild game and once as a standard version. Of course these are the symbols you are looking for as a player.

If you want to win real money with Bruce Lee you will have to enter the free spin rounds. Unfortunately, it can take a while before you release it. Still, it is definitely worth it. You can immediately expect 20 free spins and that is always a bonus. Furthermore, Bruce Lee has no bonus features. Fortunately, the standard game is fun and interesting enough to be played for a long time.

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