Can We Beat the Slot Machines Games?

Can We Beat the Slot Machines Games?

A slot machine is 100% random and every spin that makes a slot machine game is without a pattern and you cannot influence the chance. The casino earns its money (house edge) through the average payout percentage that over a longer period.

Imagine a slot machine game pays 90% and you pay $1 per spin, for example, you will lose $0.10 with every spin. Imagine throwing $100 into the slot game, then on average you will get $90 back after those 100 spins.

If you then continue with $90, you will be left with $81 again and the slot game will suck your money up slowly. So the higher the payout percentage, the longer you can spend with your money but in the end you will always end up at $0.

The result of a slot game spin is 100% random and it does not matter whether a jackpot has not dropped for a long time. The chance is the same every time. It does not matter what has drop for you on the game.

It also doesn’t matter if you pull the handle of a slot game or if you press the button. It doesn’t matter when you play on a slot game. Whether this is when the casino is busy or on a Monday morning, it doesn’t matter, whatever you want to believe.

It’s not a mystery, it’s just coincidence and there are no patterns to be discovered, but that’s how we always feel, and this is precisely the power of slots that you have the idea that we can beat them.

Yes, the casino can be beat and there are possibilities where you can create an advantage on slot games. For example, there is a lively topic on the forum about slots that have a starting advantage. You can also think of a mystery jackpot that must drop for a certain amount such as the legal maximum in casino.

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