Bonus Features in Slots

Bonus Features in Slots

Slot machines have more and more features that start mini-games, bonus rounds, or simply increase users’ chances of winning. Some of these features have been around since slots were invented, such as wilds or free spins, but others, such as minigames, are very new and constantly evolving.

Want to learn more about these player-friendly features? We tell you everything we know! To begin with, the most basic thing is the free spins , which are nothing other than what their name indicates and which are usually gifts from the casino or the slot in question. They allow you to play without having to put your money at risk, although you should know that the profits derived from these are quite difficult to withdraw.

Also interesting are the wild symbols or wild cards in the slots, when appearing on the reels are changed by the necessary symbol to complete a payline. They can be of several types: classic , sticky – those that remain for several spins -, stacked – they appear by chance and can invade a complete reel – or cascade – that appear one above the other, add lost symbols, generate totally combinations new ones, and so on.

Scatters , meanwhile, appear on the reels of the slot at any time and lead to an immediate win when their number exceeds two. They don’t need to draw a pay line or appear in a certain order.

We cannot forget about multipliers, which, as the name suggests, can multiply the winnings originally allocated to a certain combination. They’re a highly valued feature, so keep your fingers crossed to make them pop!

The most modern slots also offer the possibility of bonus rounds or mini – games within the game itself. The bonus rounds, meanwhile, are activated with certain symbols and generate additional benefits.

The minigames are also executed with certain combinations and open new independent screens with games – whose theme is usually related to that of the main slot – more or less complex that give users the opportunity to generate extra winnings.

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