5 Slots for Real Animal Lovers

5 Slots for Real Animal Lovers

If you are going to gamble at the online casino, it is more fun to be behind a lock with images of things that appeal to you. For animal lovers there is therefore plenty of choice, because forests, caves, jungles and individual animals are regularly the setting of a slot machine.

At an online casino, you have a very large selection with fantastic copies of animal-themed slots. Below you will find an overview with 5 slots that you should not miss as an animal lover.

1. Paw of Fury

This slot machine is part of the Jackpot King series. The panda bear is central to Paws of Fury. It also includes some extremely lucrative bonus features including Win Sum Dough, Journey of the Panda Bonus, Rise of the Panda Free Spins, Panda Warrior Free Spins and Enter The Panda.

2. Siberian Storm

If you like mystery and animals, there is no better slot to gamble than Siberian Storm is a perfect game. White snow tigers are brought to life in an unprecedented way. This is partly because there are beautiful visual effects incorporated in this game. There are also 720 different ways to win. The scatters and wilds in the game are also very profitable. You can even earn up to 240 free spins.

3. Kitty Glitter

There is absolutely no shortage of content with cats on the internet. Game provider IGT takes them to the online casino with their Kitty Glitter Slot. Different types of cats are included in the game. You have, among other things, a Persian cat, a Calico and a Siamese. Players can also expect great extra features with this game. In addition, each cat has its own role and provides other bonuses.

4. Wolf Run

Of course there is also something for lovers of dogs. Wolf Run Slot has the best sound effects of all the games in this list.

Add to that the beautiful graphics and you have a slot machine with an unprecedentedly beautiful presentation. It is also a joy to be able to play on this slot machine. There is a lot to win on the 5 reels with a total of 40 paylines. Especially the stacked wild is worth a lot in Wolf Run. It is your best chance to win a lot of money.

5. Treasures of the Pyramids

The pyramids and the rest of ancient Egypt often serve as a theme for a slot machine. So often, in fact, that many players start to get a little tired of it. That view will change when they play Treasures of the Pyramids. In this slot you will find all kinds of beautiful creatures. It is a lot of fun to play this slot and you can also win a lot of money with it. If you are very lucky you can earn 600 free spins in one game.

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