3 Types of Slots That You Need to Know

3 Types of Slots That You Need to Know

Online casinos classify their slot category differently. Some distinguish between video and classic slot machines, others divide the games by structure and still others by jackpots.

But what do concepts like x number of reels, video slot machines and classic slot machines really cover? Get smarter here:

  • 3 Reels: 3 reel slots are a computer version of the classic slot machines with old-school fruit symbols, guaranteeing you a retro experience. However, you should be aware that your chances of winning are lower here than in the modern machines with 5 wheels.
  • 5 Reels: Also known as video slots. A modern interpretation and the most common type of slot machine today. They have a wider range of themes, special features and much more than the 3 reel slot machines, and are therefore more in demand among slot fans.
  • Progressive Slots: The games with the progressive jackpot pools are also known as jackpot slots. Most casinos have a box with the current jackpot pool based on the game so you can see how big it is. It is most reminiscent of a digital clock where the amount just grows and grows with every second.

Although slot machines are simple in their structure and the outcome is random, there are still many features that give them more depth and that make the different games different from each other.

Many games have a so-called auto spin function, which means that you do not have to consistently press the spin button.

Most games also have a nice introductory video, and the sound of the games helps to set the framework for a great experience, but the video can of course be skipped, just as the sound can be turned off.

So there are several different elements that help to optimise the entertainment value and envelop you in an enchanting game universe.

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